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        王嶠,天津大學建筑學院講師,碩士生導師,國家注冊城市規劃師。2002年進入天津大學建筑學院學習,先后獲得學士、碩士、博士學位,師從曾堅教授?,F任天津市城市規劃學會學術工作委員會委員、城市安全與防災委員會委員、小城鎮規劃專業委員會委員、青年工作委員會委員,《南方建筑》、《風景園林》審稿專家。主要研究領域為城市韌性、城市綜合防災減災、生態城市設計。主持國家及省部級基金5項、天津大學自主創新項目3項,研究生教改項目1項;參與國家級及省部級基金項目10 項。在國內外重要學術期刊和國際學術會議上發表論文近40篇;已出版著作2部,待出版2部,參編著作9部。獲天津大學沈志康獎教金、天津大學第二十三屆“十佳杰出青年(教工)”優秀教書育人獎等個人獎勵;天津大學教學成果獎校級二等獎;設計項目獲中國土木工程詹天佑獎1項、天津市優秀規劃設計獎5項;指導學生設計國際及國內競賽獲獎15項。


        城市韌性理念以城市本體為研究對象,以增強城市在承受擾動時保持自身功能不被破壞的能力為主要目標,成為保證城市健康、可持續發展的有效途徑。本報告對城市韌性概念和屬性進行梳理與辨析,通過文獻綜述得出,學界對城市韌性的概念定義、屬性特征等基本問題逐漸達成共識,研究重點已由基本問題轉入韌性框架、評價體系、提升策略等內容;結合中國城市的現實情況,提出城市韌性的研究應從理論、方法和實踐層面進一步拓展其廣度和深度, 并從系統性、實效性、制度性3個層面提出我國城市韌性研究的特征和未來的發展趨勢。



        Lecture: Concept Evolution, Research Contents and Development Trend of Urban Resilience

        When: 12:30 p.m., Friday, October, 11th, 2019

        Where: Multifunctional Hall, Cultural Activity Center for Faculty and Staff, Weijin Road Campus


        Wang Qiao is a lecturer and Master’s supervisor of Urban Planning Department at the School of Architecture, Tianjin University. She is a national registered urban planner. She entered Tianjin University in 2002 and obtained bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s degrees successively, under the guidance of professoer ZengJian. She is the member of the Academic Work Committee, Urban Security and Disaster Prevention Committee, Small-Town Planning Committee, Youth Working Committee of Tianjin Urban Planning Association, and the reviewer of two journals. Her main research fields include Urban Resilience, Comperhensive Disaster Prevention and Mitigation in cities, Urban Planning and Design. She has hosted 5 national and provincial scientific research projects, 3 independent innovation projects of Tianjin University, 1 graduate education reform program and has participated in 10 national and provincial scientific research projects. For now, she has finished 11 books (2 as the main author, 9 participate editing, and 2 books are planned to publish soon) and nearly 40 academic papers. She has won awards like the Shen Zhikang-Teacher-Award, the Excellent Teaching Award of Outstanding-Young-Teacher of Tianjin University, and the Second prize of teaching achievement award of Tianjin University. Besides, her design projects have won 1 China Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou Award and 5 Tianjin excellent planning and design awards; as guiding teacher, 15 student’s planning design projects have won international and domestic competitions.

        About the Lecture:

        The concept of urban resilience takes whole urban as the research object and also takes enhancing the ability of function-maintaining without being destroyed by disturbance as its main target. Constructing a resilient city is an effective way to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of urban. The lecture reviews relevant literatures of urban resilience as well as analyses the concepts and properties of resilience; The basic issues of resilience (concepts, definitions, features) have reached consensuses gradually and the research emphasis has turned to three aspects of theme, which including theoretical framework, evaluation index and promotion strategy. Considering the practical situation of Chinese city, this report suggests that studies on resilience should extend its breadth and depth and also puts forward the feature and tendency of resilience research in China from three levels (systematism, effectiveness and institutional).

        Relevant Discipline: Urban Planning, Ecology, Architecture, Management, Sociology

        Organizers: Trade Unions, Library, Office of Science and Technology, Young Teachers Association

        All students and staff of Tianjin University are welcome.